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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The problem of the three H's

Namely: hubris, heresy, and homosexuality. That's what the "apostolic visitation" of seminaries now underway needs to tackle as a syndrome. For the indulgence of the last in that list, so disastrous for the Church over the last few generations, is licensed by the second; and the second is in turn is motivated by the first.

And the surest sign of hubris is liturgical abuse. Here's what Fr. John Trigilio, Jr., PhD, ThD, president of the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy and co-author of Catholicism For Dummies, has written in that vein:

The upcoming Vatican investigation of seminaries is needed. Not a 'visitation' as done in the past where orthodox bishops were deceived, mislead and fooled into believing all is well. A papal legate with authority to close a seminary or to issue binding corrections or even to consolidate and restructure regional and national seminaries is what we need now more than ever. Faculty members who dissent from the Magisterium need to be removed.

Orthodoxy, especially as elucidated in the Catechism, should be the norm and mandate of what is taught and adherence to the universal rubrics of the Mass and sacraments needs to be practiced and promoted to the future priests. Lastly,
immorality, like alcohol abuse, sexual relations (of either orientation), and other addictive and destructive behavior cannot be tolerated in seminaries or by seminarians.

When sound doctrine is accompanied by reverent worship then virtuous living
makes sense and is easier to practice. When dissident teaching is combined with
liturgical abuse and irreverence, then sinful activity is not far behind. What guys learn in formation they will proliferate in the parish. The seminary investigation team needs to ascertain if orthodoxy is taught, if the sacred liturgy is celebrated properly and if everyone is acting morally. With the devil launching a three-front war, we have no choice but to address all three attacks.

Read it all in Matt Abbott's column.

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