"You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you odd." ~Flannery O'Connor

Monday, November 21, 2005

My meme confession

OK, it's starting. My fellow Catholic bloggers Barbara Nicolosi and Amy Welborn are now "confessing" the sorts of things one can get away with confessing for all and sundry to read. I want to get on this train before it pulls completely out of the station.

I confess:

I find confession more attractive when celebrities go in for it. (See, e.g., above.)

Almost any image of Catherine Zeta-Jones gives me more pleasure than almost any image of the Blessed Virgin.

It's best to admit it: I envy Michael Douglas. He's a neighbor whose wife and goods, both, I covet.

No matter what I read or tell myself, I can't get through more than two decades of the Rosary without counting how many Hail Mary's are left to recite for that session.

I don't handle money well because I'd rather not think about it.

I'd rather not think about money because doing so reminds me how little of it I have.

I dislike being reminded of my poverty not so much because I can't help feeling that some people are right to suggest that I am culpable for it, but more that their reasons for so thinking make me angry with them.

I allow myself to joke that I earn money at jobs for which qualifications don't matter only because I'm overqualified for almost any job for which qualifications do matter.

I don't lead a healthy lifestyle because I am confident that God will keep my health all-but-perfect until I no longer have to pay child support. Really.

I can't help thinking ill of lawyers, even and especially if they're Catholic.

Thinking of fasting as weight control (the latter as an added bonus, of course) makes it easier for me to fast.

I am discouraged by the fact that many of the people I pray and fast for don't know it and wouldn't care if they did.

I believe I'd be a better president of the United States than the President; worse, I believe it lessens my pride and stupidity to note that many people feel the same about themselves.

I get a jolt of joy when I hear that our troops have killed an al-Qaeda commander.

I'm convinced that my intelligence, ethnicity, and religious background are similar enough to Madonna's to enable me to influence her if I could just talk to her. Yes, that is a thought to confess and repent of.

I once thought I'd make a good priest.

I still daydream about being pope.
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