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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Discrimination against Christians is now American law

At least I know of no better way to put it. A federal court in New York has ruled that it's impermissible to display Nativity scenes on public property during the Christmas season even as it is permissible to display the Jewish menorah symbol during Hannukah and the Muslim star-and-crescent during Ramadan. The 2-1 majority argument is that the latter two symbols are "secular" even as the former is "religious".

Just whom are they kidding? Not the dissenting judge, Chester Straub, who "said it is clear to him that New York City's current policy violates the Establishment Clause by sending the message that Judaism and Islam are favored while Christianity is disfavored." Indeed, the majority's reasoning is even more specious than it was in Roe v Wade. The plaintiff's attorney is licking his chops at the prospect of bringing the case before the US Supreme Court, whose two newest members are conservative Catholics. I share his enthusiasm.
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