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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Young adult Catholics: which acronyms apply to you?

I just came across this artfully sophomoric lexicon from Thomas of American Papist, who in turn got it from Seize the Dei. I'm amazed that Thomas' reposting garnered no comments given that his blog gets about 20 times as much traffic as mine. So I'm reposting the punch lines here in hopes of engaging the introspection, if not the feedback, of the young.

ACART --- Accepts Church And Republican Teachings (M, F)
CHIM --- Catholic Hyper-Intellectual Male (M)
CINO --- Catholic In Name Only (M, F)
CISTO --- Catholic In Skimpy Tight Outfit (hopefully F)
CLOWSIC ---- Cosmo Lifestyle On Weekdays, Sundays In Church (F)
COGISFAW --- Catholic Old Guy, Is Searching For Adolescent Wife (M)
CONOPE --- Catholic, Orthodox, No Other Personality Evident (M, F)
CHUPAME -- Catholic Having Unhealthy Preoccupation About Middle Earth (mainly M)
FOCID --- Flirts Outrageously, Chastity In Doubt (M, F)
FOYIC --- Flirts Outrageously, Yet Is Chaste (M, F)
FOFEBA --- Full Of Faith, Empty Bank Account
FOTSAV --- Full Of The Spirit, Alcoholic Variety (M, F)
GQC ---- "GQ" Catholic (M,F)
ISOFF --- In Search Of Free Food (M, F)
JLAW / JLAH --- Just Looking to Acquire a Wife / Husband (M, F)
MAWBAN / MAWBAP --- Might As Well Be A Nun / Priest (F, M)
OSCAR ---- Overly Sexual Catholic, Advise Restraint (M, F)
SOFTNOS --- Shares Our Faith Though Not Our Sanity (M, F)
SOTVEM --- Seen Once Then Vanishes Ever-More (mostly F)
WOVUOS --- Woman Of Virtue, Underwear Of Sin (F)
WIRTEP --- Will Inevitably Refuse To Ever Pay (M,F)

Thomas remarks of himself: "This FOFEBA, far from being just a GQC, is probably closer to a CHIM." I am pleased to note that I can say the same for myself, even though I am definitely not young. Of course, were I one of those pathetic COGISFAWs, I would probably be in search of a WOVUOS. Come to think of it, a WOVUOS wouldn't be bad at any age!

I re-extend Thomas' invitation to ask: What are you?
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