"You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you odd." ~Flannery O'Connor

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The five-bloggers-I'd-like-to-meet meme

Professor Scott Carson of An Examined Life has taken note of the fact that the web version of anything is not quite as real as the flesh-and-blood, incarnate version. He remarks:

Some folks spend a lot of time surfing the web. I know a few who spend more time surfing than interacting with their family. And living in a web-based world encourages us to think exclusively in our own way rather than in ways that are open to the interpretations of others.

Quite so. As a divorcé who does not live with his children, I do indeed spend more time, a lot more, surfing the Web than interacting with my family. And I am keenly aware of the peculiarly new form of autism that "living in a web-based world" can develop in people. Other than prayer, my primary connections with reality are two: my very ordinary job, in the course of which I interact with many people I wouldn't otherwise, and Communion and Liberation, where I have loving companions on the journey of faith. For me, blogging is just a way to utilize my gifts in God's service now that it's been long since I've been able to earn a living doing so. But even as part of the cybercommunity of Catholic blogdom, I feel the need for more a more "incarnate" community.

Like Scott, I've enjoyed my phone conversations with Fr. Al Kimel. But I'd love to meet him, and there are other Catholic bloggers I'd love to meet as well. Leaving out yours truly, whom he includes in his list, they are the same ones Scott lists. Substituting for me would be Owen of The Ochlophobist. He's a guy I'd love to have a beer with.
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