"You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you odd." ~Flannery O'Connor

Saturday, March 31, 2007

An excuse followed by a provocation

I'm quite grateful to the heavy hitters for the combox discussion on my latest post about the essence/energies distinction. They've maintained a level of sophistication and civility one cannot count on the blogosphere, even here. One theme that's risen to prominence in the discussion is the incommunicability of the distinctively personal. I have some thoughts about that and want to write a post about it ASAP. Alas, I can't get a day off from work—and I mean any day, including Sunday—to rest and write unless I holler and threaten to quit on the spot; and until my hefty tax refund comes in during the next six weeks or so, I can't afford to risk having my bluff called. With tomorrow being Palm Sunday, I've also got a heavy church day ahead of me, including what will doubtless be my blog homilette for the occasion. (To avoid offending the liturgical purists, I won't call it a 'homily'.) So the latest EED post will have to wait until Monday, the day I've been "promised" off. If they yank that one from me, I might get cheesed off enough to risk having my bluff called.

In the meantime, for those few of my readers who don't already subscribe to the hard copy of First Things, I present my most recent publication, a book review which for some reason they assigned the title "Natural Religion." I expect it will provoke some people, and I welcome comments here.
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