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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New perspectives from the gender front

  • From a column by Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Catholic sociologist:

The struggle feminism created is not now, nor has it ever been, solely between women and men. The struggle is between women who want their babies, and women who want something else more.

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Here's what one Amazon reviewer, Bernard Chapin, said:

I am intimately, in every sense of the word, familiar with most of the men's rights literature, and I have to say that looking back on all the magnificent, avant-garde (and frankly heroic) publications assaulting radical feminism and political correctness in general, this work by Nathanson and Young was, and is, the finest moment. Spreading Misandry is meticulous in its research and analysis. It is also ambitious and deep in its coverage of popular culture. Wading through the often offensive and boring television shows, articles, commercials, and opinion which comprise an unmistakable misandric bias is not an easy task, but the authors did it and through their own "deconstructions" present the most compelling case imaginable. I'm writing my own work on this subject and I doubt that I can limit myself to 20 endnotes from these pages. This work is highbrow, sophisticated, and absolutely magnificent. Nathanson and Young are our elite and I personally thank them for their efforts. Furthermore, I am saddened that their follow up book can only be obtained after a four to six week wait which showcases just how little society is concerned about pervasive misandry. As for me, I just placed a used copy on order and will report back my opinion just in case anyone is hedging on their own purchase.
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