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Thursday, June 07, 2007

That other pope: there's nothing to apologize for

It would appear that Pope Shenouda, leader of the Coptic Church and, by his church's reckoning, the true Patriarch of Alexandria, is miffed by the John Paul II's apologies to the Jews. According to one report:

Asked whether Jews were “Christ-killers”, responsible for the crucifixion, Shenouda stated, “The New Testament says that they are,” and asked rhetorically whether the Vatican was “against the teachings of the New Testament?”

So much for ecumenism. The same report adds:

Shenouda stated he had banned Copts from visiting Israel for fear they will “be influenced by the Israeli media, and we will not be able to prevent this. Who knows what ideas they will return with?”

So much for crazy, liberal ideas like freedom of association and thought.

I prefer the other pope—you know, the one who has held the job, if not the title, of grand inquisitor. He's so much more...well, with it. I suppose that attitude would always make me a dangerous liberal in Alexandria, where Christians long ago burned down the greatest library then known to the world amid civil unrest sparked by a dangerously liberal female philosopher.

Hat tip to Siris.

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