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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rabbi reveals name of Messiah

Lest anybody suspect me of triumphalism, I didn't grab that headline that from a trad-Cath rag, an Evangelical rag, or even an American rag. I got it from a periodical run by Jews—in Israel. Of course the Jews in question seem to regard themselves as "Messianic" Jews, perhaps even as some sort of Christian, though not the familiar, indigenous sort that the Israelis don't much mind because they keep their heads down when they're not leaving. Naturally, the story caused some controversy, though not violence, which is a blessing in a part of the world where religious violence, even between Christians, is very much a live tradition.

Please read the whole story. It's not that long. I'm putting the story out for my readers because I'm very curious but not very knowledgeable about this sort of thing, and am sure somebody out there can give me more information. Maybe even more reliable information. No polemics, please.
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